body systems

Our body systems are all more or less working together,our main body systems:

Musculoskeletal systemCalcium resorbtionCardiovascular system
Cell growthOxidative stressBrain functions – Neurotranssion
Endocrine systemImmune systemRespiratory tract
Lymphatic systemDetoxOrgan functions
Sensory systemDigestive tractSpiritual – emotional balance
MetabolismUrinary tractReproductive system

In case of a disease or symptom, multiple body systems out of balance (weakened or hyperactive)

Western medicine focuses on symptom treatment, and prefers symptom related  medication such as: antibiotics, blood pressure suppressants, sleeping tablets, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, cholesterol suppressants, blood thinners, painkillers, antacids, steroids.

If our body systems are in balance there are no diseases, symptoms illnesses.

Our ingredients, complex formulations and recovery packages are supporting multiple body systems.
This integrated approach supports preventive, during complaint and stimulates recovery.


cardiovascular system

Important to know about our cardiovascular system Red blood cells (erythtrocytes), these are 99% responsible for the oxygen supply and the discharge of carbon dioxide to the lungs. they live 120 days A lack of vitamin B12 intake can lead to huge amounts of abnormally large red blood cells being produced White blood cells (leukocytes) […]


The digestive system aims to treat the nutrients so that they enter the bloodstream via intestinal wall and transport them to our organs and body cells. Nutrition and our digestion are not only responsible for providing fuel but for our physical and emotional functioning. Many physical complaints arise from a disturbed digestive system. Our metabolism […]


What is important for a good eye condition? good eye muscles, for accommodating (focusing eye lens) good blood flow to capillars Reduce oxidative stress: antioxidants against clouding cell aging good resistance detoxification, against obfuscation good building blocks for cell renewal good stimulus transfer to convert signals into the brain What helps support: -calcium and magnesium […]

Happy Healthy Aging

As we age, various processes change From the age of 40 our body makes less vitamin B12, vitamin B12 is very important for many processes We create fewer new cells and nutrients are also decisive for the quality of cells We make completely new red blood cells every 60-70 days Absorbing nutrients from the intestines […]

Muscles – Joints – Skeleton

A healthy joint contains sufficient joint fluid so that the cartilage is well lubricated. Bone decalcification can be caused by disturbed calcium management and or medication Hip problems can arise from poor lubrication of the hip joint, weakened tendons muscles, medication. Back problems often arise from weakened back muscles tendons and ligaments, which makes the […]

oxidative stress-free radical antioxidants

oxidative stress, the killer of healthy cells and causative agent of aging What is oxidative stress? A car’s engine produces energy after gasoline mixed with air is burned by a spark during this process, exhaust gases are released. In our body cells the same thing actually happens, here are the mitochondria these are our biochemical […]

Resistance – Immune System – Infections

Our immune system (immune system) is vital We are constantly exposed to microorganisms, our immune system is normally able to fight them without us noticing. The immune system consists of specialized cells,tissues, organs and processes within an organism that provide protection against pathogens. The moment an overload occurs, there is an infection. Inflammation is your […]

Respiratory tract

Source cause of many respiratory diseases: oxidative stress – a weakened immune system – toxic loads – viruses – fungi – parasites – toxic loads Asthma, bronchitis, COPD are all inflammatory processes Many ENT problems such as sinusitis, sinus inflammation are caused by the CMV (cytomegalovirus=herpesvirus) virus Fungi such as Candida can severely strain the […]

Skin Hair Nails

Important to Know About Skin – Hair – Nails Many skin-hair-nail complaints occur from disturbed pH balance causing mold Fungus eczema- dandruff-lime nails-athletes foot arises from a disturbed digestion Skin complaints are often stress related Every 28 days we have a new skin, each cell wall consists of essential fatty acids and proteins “ordinary” warts […]


According to the latest figures from cbs, 20% of the Dutch population suffers from sleep problems difficulty falling asleep often has to do with worrying and grinding your sleep consists of a sleep cycle, from sleep stage 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 to REM and lasts about ninety to one hundred minutes. normally everyone has 4-5 sleep cycles per […]

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS System)

The vital role of our (relatively unknown) body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS) The ECS system is an unknown system for many. Science has only been familiar with this system since 1992. This system plays a crucial role in stress – fears – emotional/spiritual balance – addictions – energy management – quality of sleep – and […]

Weight management

Weight management: too light, too heavy, too fat, too skinny it’s all about health or appearance? How we would like to swallow a waste pill and eat and drink what we want all day long. key factors: disturbed digestion, if your intestines can’t absorb and digest the nutrients properly you get a hunger need or […]

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