Chalice Well water Glastonbury

Chalice Well water Glastonbury

The Chalice Well of Red Well is located in the Chalice Well Gardens, a high vibrating paradisiacal garden, where the presence of the natural realm in all their beauty, strength and softness, is palpable and sometimes visible. Due to the presence of this ancient source, but also by the presence of devas and angels, an energy is woven here, which is not found in any other place on earth.

This particular source is located at the foot of the Glastonbury Tor and is seen, among other things, as a symbol of the divine feminine aspect (where the male part is symbolized by the Tor)

The Source refers not only to the divinely feminine, but also to the source, the origin, from which everything originates and in which everything is one. This is where the outer and inner world come together. On the lid is the Vesica Pisces, symbol of the trinity and the sacred space.

This source, with its reflective character, is seen as a gateway to the fine-natured world; Here the veils are thin and several dimensions come in here.

This is where your magical selves come together.

The red spring water has a healing and cleansing effect. It is strongly iron-containing (the water also looks light red colored) and strengthens the I Am power. At the same time, the spring water literally brings everything into the flow and you can flow flexibly and let go of what no longer serves.

Holy Water or Avalon

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