Damiana essential oil

Damiana essential oil

Energetic action

Damiana is a great way to combat the symptoms of depression, insomnia, nervousness and anxiety. It mainly helps in the fight against physical complaints, but as a result it also causes fewer headaches. It relaxes the muscles and therefore softens if you suffer from headaches, fatigue and muscle pain. It also stimulates digestion and sex drive.

However, it is a very rounded treatment, because the use of the damiana-essential oil really balances the emotions associated with both sexual and menstrual problems. It is relaxing but also very lively and uplifting.

The use of damiana essential oil, drinking tea or smoking the leaves can all yield lucid dreams when mixed with passion flower in the form of herbs or oil. In addition to increasing your overall energy and well-being, damiana ethereal oil helps you to channel your inner sex goddess. This plant also has a protective side, so I would suggest that any sexual inhibition that results from past trauma will certainly see improvement in the essential oil of damiana.