Super Seven

Super Seven

Energetic action
Super seven has a highly transformative effect. It promotes personal and spiritual development, enhances spiritual skills and knowledge and strengthens intuition. The stone acts as a kind of antenna for energy and creates a bridge between you and your guides and light beings, other worlds and dimensions, sources of spiritual knowledge, past lives and all the energies here on earth.

It stimulates the natural healing of the body and heals cellular memory. He supports the immune system, skin and bones.

Super 7 comforts and nourishes and opens all spiritual gifts. It supports and increases the vibration of all other crystals. The stone purifies, balances, energizes all chakras and auras and adjusts them to the most refined vibrations.

Emotionally, this is a comforting and nourishing crystal.

Chakra All chakras
Color White combined with purple, pink and dark color shades
Location Brazil, India, United States