Saw Palm

Saw Palm

Serenoa repens is better known as victory palm, saw palm or dwarf palm plant and is also called sabal, cabbage palm or fan palm. It is currently the only species classified in the Serenoa genus. A widely used name of the palm in alternative herbal medicine is Sabal serrulatum.

The fruits of the victory palm are enriched with free fatty acids, such as oleic acid, lauric acid, myristine acid and palmitic acid.

The fruit contains phytosterols (plant sterols) antioxidants with a chemical structure similar to cholesterol.

These phytosterols consist mainly of beta-sitosterol, campesterol, stigmasterol and cycloartenol.
The fruit of the victory palm also contains flavanoids, essential oils and monoglycerides.
Together, these chemical compounds with a hormone-like structure have antiandrogen and anti-estrogen effects.

good for the prostate*

* = Health claim pending approval by the European Commission