Covac Support Package

Many people are in doubt: whether or not to vaccinate.
It seems that 70% of the population is vaccinated.
If you test positive or are infected or take a long
time to recover, it is very important to maximize your immune system.
For this reason, we have created the COVAC Vaccination and Immune support package

The immune system is the only one able to neutralize a virus.
The vaccines help the immune system
The stronger the immune system the higher the efficacy of the vaccine, and the lower the possible side effects.
In viral infection, the immune system is largely determining the degree of symptoms and recovery process.
Oxidative stress involves an unhealthy overload of stress in which too many free radicals tax our healthy cells

The vaccine does not kill the virus, this does the immune system.

Everyone is (still) free to choose whether or not to vaccinate.
The fact is that a powerful immune system is of great importance whether or not you choose to vaccinate.
The package helps the immune system in:

  • Vaccination
  • increase resistance
  • recovery support

What is the objective of the package?

-support immune system allowing better vaccine functioning
-support immune system in case of infection and symptoms
-support immune system after infection
-energetic and toxic protection against vaccination
-support transition from fishing to Aquarius era, new time
-awareness that we may pollute ourselves and mother earth less

Dosage On vaccination:

Clear Recovery (hyperlink) 90 capsules 3 x daily 3 capsules 2 x 5 days (5 days before vaccination- 5days after vaccination)
Clear Booster (hyperlink) 60 capsules 3 x daily 2 capsules 2 x 5 days (5 days before vaccination- 5days after vaccination)
Oxidative Stress Relieve (hyperlink) 30 capsules 3 x daily 1 capsule 2 x 5 days (5 days before vaccination- 5 days after vaccination)
Rescue cream 5 ml on arm where vaccination is carried out from day immunisation, gives protection confidence, harmonization.
Blue patch (communication and trust) with Inner Strength doming sticker protection: energy field and unwanted unnatural frequencies and intentions, universal trust.

Dosage in infection and immune boost (support recovery)
Clear Recovery 90 capsules 3 x daily 3 capsules 10 days
Clear Booster 60 capsules 3 x daily 2 capsules 10 days
Oxidative stress relieve 30 capsules 3 x daily 1 capsule 10 days
rescue cream 3 ml lubricate daily for 10 days on heart chakra-third eye-solar braid

All our formulas are carriers of frequencies to strengthen the operation, On the accompanying pictures you can see the frequency setups per formula, if you click the hyperlink per formula you will get even more information.

This package has been developed and produced by us as a 10 day Immune booster.

For general immune support, we recommend the Resistance Pack (2 x 33 days)

Our Inner Strength radiation package helps to strengthen your energy field

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Clear Recovery probiotics - reset startup systems

The starting cables for recovery and booting of body and mind



Clear Booster resistance


Oxidative Stress Relieve vaccination- immune support

Supporting the immune system can help vaccines and provides support for acute need and recovery


Rescue cream - 5 ml


Blue band-aid 1 x Inner Strength doming sticker


Often combined with

    Inner Strength radiation package

    Inner Strength EMF radiation protection, strengthens your own energy field

    Resistance Pack Immune support 2 x 33 days

    Optimize your resistance

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