Sleep Well blue lamp

This light bulb creates an energetic field to protect earth rays, astral energy, and “unwanted” visit, also helps to process old traumas and emotions, allowing you to experience more turmoil and nightmares during the first 4-5 nights.
In extreme cases, the lamp may break through entities, then energetic cleaning of the room is required.

This light bulb only gives 7 watts of light, suitable for 220 and 110 volts is best if there is an open connection to the sleeping area, so you can also enter the hallway with door open. For people who only want to sleep in a completely dark room, this lamp might help by placing it disconnected next to your bed.

Standard thin fitting , we have gradient so that it fits in a thick fitting, please mention this by email

Contains frequencies of:
dolphin sounds
celestin geode
agate botswana
black tourmaline





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You attach this lamp in the bedroom and leave it on all night. If the blue light is too bright (7 watts) you can cover the lamp with a cloth or a washcloth. Make sure that the dust does not touch the pear. The lamp does not have to hang above you.

During the first 5 nights sleep can decrease and it may be that more is dreamed, this is a good sign, important is that you endure these five days.

Available in: Lamp with thin fitting (7 watts).


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