23 years of own development production and distribution

23 years commitment in continious innovation, quality, efficacy
working out of the box balancing  body – mind – intuition

own development – own production:

  • no compromise on quality natural raw materials
  • no fillers, because we capsule (semi-automatic) ourselves
  • low production batches with fresh ingredients
  • dynamic formulations and flexibility in refining product formulations
  • able to self-add frequencies based on quantum physics, bioresonance
  • the added frequencies make the formulas 2 – 3x stronger

delivery only directly to clients and therapists

  • many producers supply wholesalers who make a 30% profit
  • wholesalers supply retailers who also make a 30% profit
  • many traders are only interested in sales profit this has effect on energetic effect
  • direct delivery: optimal price-performance ratio, freshness and purity
  • optimal feedback effect products by clients and therapists

own naturopathic practice

  • advice to therapists and clients
  • able to develop and test new products
  • tailor-made advice to clients and/or to therapists
  • feedback functioning protocols formulations
  • develop regular exchanges with doctors and therapists and develop protocol-oriented solutions