Omega 3 DHA Schizochytrium sp. Vegetarian

Omega 3 DHA Schizochytrium sp. Vegetarian

This DHA oil comes from the microalg Schizochytrium sp. which has the advantage of a sustainable, 100% vegetable source.

The microalg Schizochytrium sp. is a genus of single-celled eukaryotes of the Thraustochytriaceae family. It occurs naturally in marine coastal habitats.

Only microalgae are able to synthesize EPA and DHA from plants. They are at the heart of the entire food chain in the ocean.
The DHA and EPA in fish oil comes from the algae that the fish have eaten.

In addition, because it is grown and purified under controlled conditions, algae oil is free of toxins that may be present in fish and fish oil.

With a daily intake of 250mg of DHA, it contributes:

– to the normal functioning of the brain

– to maintain normal vision.