Energetic action
They are very helpful instruments in healing because they make the body receptive to treatment.
Water holes also strengthen the healing power of other crystals. The stone stabilizes body, mind and aura and removes negativity. He gives love and protection and helps with anger and stress.

Physically, agate has a positive effect on the immune system, nervous system and nerve pain, digestion, heart, blood vessels, eyes, stomach, intestines, bladder and bed wetting.

Besides having an earth connection, the stone is also strongly connected to the higher chakras that it can help open and help to come into contact with your higher self and the Angel worlds.
That’s why he’s so capable in this time of transformation.
He raises your consciousness and connects you to the unity of life.
It activates the 3rd eye chakra and the crown chakra.

He motivates growth in all aspects of life.
Also, it is a stone of communication that encourages you to speak the truth, it stabilizes the right and left hemisphere and provides better concentration.
Agate transforms negative energies.

Chakra depending on color
are always multicolored with predominantly gray, gray and white tones, white gray, green, red and black
Find place
Brazil, Uruguay and the United States.