Recovery Packages

packages targeting specific body systems

general immune support

Immune support, instantly and maintenance: Resistance Pack

recovery kits

Immune system: Immune Balance Kit Plus

Joints, skeleton,muscles,tendons: Joint Forces Recovery kit

Digestive tract: Digestive Recovery Kit

Higly Sensitive People (physical-emotional-spiritual): Indigo recovery kit plus

Cardiovascular; Cardio Recovery Kit

Healthy aging: Senior recovery kit

Skin: Skin Recovery Kit

  • recovery packages customised to your specific needs
  • wide range effect which makes it effective for all body systems
  • recovery packages customised to your specific needs
  • 8 step program, restricted amount of capsules per day
  • targeting: digestion - resistance - detox - general support
  • support with questions from naturopathic practice
  • more than 20 years of experience
  • safe for all ages, including chronic conditions
  • can be used in conjunction with most medication
14 Products
Products per page:

    Cardio Recovery Kit

    extra support heart and blood vessels

    Covac Support Package


    Digestive Recovery Kit

    optimization digestion

    Female Support Package

    This female package consists of 3 natural formulations developed to support you during menopause and menstruation. The combination of Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Pro-Biotics and Essential Fatty Acids can help you get through these moments more comfortably. Hot flashes, heavy sweating and irritable feelings*

    Immune Balance Kit

    Boosts your Immunesystem

    Immune Balance Kit Plus

    recovery of body systems support resistance

    Indigo Recovery Kit

    basic recovery package for highly sensitive people

    Indigo Recovery Kit Plus

    physical and emotional restoration of your balance for highly sensitive people

    Joint Forces Recovery Kit

    for the musculoskeletal system (tendons-muscle-bands-skeleton)

    New Balance Package

    7 high-quality dietary supplements with added frequencies With 27.5% inflation compensation because we want to keep it affordable Start-up and recovery in case of imbalance, little energy and too much stress First 8 days a booster dosage then 30 days support for maintenance and recovery

    Resistance Pack Immune support 2 x 33 days

    Optimize your resistance

    Senior Recovery Kit

    optimize your systems with this "autumn cleaning"

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