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New! our cannabinoid line without THC, it won’t get you high but it will make you happy!
Did you know that we have a body’s own cannabinoid system (ECS) and regulates many body systems and influences our emotional balance?
The endocannabinoid system can become depleted read: The vital role of our endocannabinoid system

We were 19 and 20 November with our “ThreeWells promotion team” at the International Therapists Fair 2022 in Houten, there were about 10000 visitors, many existing and new therapists and therapists met.
Our new Cannabinoid Oils LineNew BalanceJump startFemale Support Packages – Queen of the Night Essential Oil
were received with great interest and enthusiasm.
It was fun, cozy and productive.
Proud father with two sons and daughter-in-law!!



References clients and therapists

Autism Mental - behavior - emotion
My son started rob Nijssen's protocol about six months ago and a lot has happened since then. After a period of adjustments, my son has started to flourish. He's happier than ever, laughs a lot, jokes.
Sleep Sleep disorder
Our son has been sleeping since we used the Sleep Well lamp; It's a miracle. Thanks for this, it is the first time in 5 years that our son sleeps more than 3 hours a night. Sometimes he didn't sleep at all.
Childhood trauma PDD-NOS
My youngest son (8 years old) has PDD NOS, he was very self-employed. He had little contact with peers and almost no boyfriends. When he stayed for another year "preschooling" in the 2nd grade, he lost 2 regular friends.

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