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Own R&D, own production in the Netherlands since 2000

Our products

Essential oils and Creams

our roller and sprays improve emotional balance: frustration - anger - anger less worrying and grinding being able to focus more and better trauma processing chakra balancing radiation protection Our etheric formulas also contain added frequencies

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Radiation protection

We are constantly exposed to the most divers frequencies: EMF 4G - 5G- WIFI - etc negativity, what's app culture fear, uncertainty, manipulation by Covid virus limited social contacts transition into to the Aquarian age cosmic energies We are forced…

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ThreeWells Cannabinoids (THC free)

Optimale composities van CBD – CBG – CBC – CBN – CBDV 2% terpenen: Limoleen,Linalol,Myrcene,a-Pinene,B-Caryophyleen toegevoegde frequenties voor emotionele spirituele fysieke balans vrij van THC, je wordt er niet high van natuurlijk–organisch-breed spectrum–citrussmaak EU product CO2 extractie onder lage temperatuur.…

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Recovery Packages

packages targeting specific body systems general immune support Immune support, instantly and maintenance: Resistance Pack recovery kits Immune system: Immune Balance Kit Plus Joints, skeleton,muscles,tendons: Joint Forces Recovery kit Digestive tract: Digestive Recovery Kit Higly Sensitive People (physical-emotional-spiritual): Indigo recovery…

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natural supplements

what is so unique about our formulations? added frequencies for extra spiritual and physical balance in house production - own development in the Netherlands complex formulations, need less different products synergistic ingredients  no fillers, additives, vegetarian powder capsules natural very…

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