Since 2000 we are on our continious quest to offer natural, honest and most active ingredients with a broad synergistic effect.
We know our suppliers personally, and results in only the purest energies and intentions and results in maximum effectiveness of our formulations..
Why we only work with natural ingredients:

  • organic ingredients are better and digested 
  • natural ingredients have a better synergistic effect
  • every ingredient is effective we don’t use fillers, chemical artificial additives
  • less chemical residues during metabolism
  • biological components are more easily absorbed by the body and cells
  • natural raw materials often contain more molecular components compared to chemical derivates
  • many herbs have an adaptogenic effect: they target the urgency of the body and mind at that moment
  • biological compounds work in wider range on divers bodysystems.

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            Since 2000 we are practicing naturopathy. We will handle your information with utmost confidentiality  in accordance with privacy legislation and NEVER share this information with third parties.

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