Unique: our food supplements are carriers of added frequencies!

We integrate most diverse frequencies in our formulations:  products, intentions, trigonometric figures, essential oils, flower remedies, healing stones, colors, sounds (such as dolphin frequencies and singing bowls)
a harmonious composition of frequencies similar to a chord or a combination of a symphonic orchestra that is added to our formulations

Due to this unique synergetic effect, we work integrally on the physical and the psychosomatic cause.
These frequencies are not digital frequencies as for example with Rife frequencies or bioresonance quantum machines.

Working on emotional blockages, psychosomatic complaints, grounding, cosmic integration, purification of past lives.

Integral approach to balance Body – Mind – Soul
The frequencies are save and are “offered” to your systems, a formula consists of a large number of “hyperlinks” where you can download what suits you at that moment.
Safe for highly sensitive people and therefore versatile, with extremely high frequencies that greatly enhance the physical formulations.

for each formula we indicate which frequencies are integrated, including a setup photo



The action of ammonite. Ammonites are fossils of a subspecies of squid that became extinct some 65 million years ago. The ammonite had a spiral shell that was made up of several rooms. As the animal grew, he built a new room and moved. He lived in the outer room each time, and if he […]

Aqua aura quartz

Aqua aura quartz is mountain crystal treated with gold, which causes the surface to show an oily sheen with a rainbow of colors. This layer is permanent and cannot be washed off. Operation Aqua aura quartz is a protective and medicinal stone with a strong effect on the aura. The stone not only cleans the […]

Ascension stones

ENERGETIC ACTION Ascension stones are always used as a couple, a male and a female. They are composed of minerals and metals. Emotional These stones are particularly earthy and provide emotional stability so that you are better able to process your emotions. When you start working with these stones, they will first release old emotional […]


Physical Aventurijn is a sister of mountain crystal and has the same healing properties. On top of that, the stone also has specific effects. Like the mountain crystal, the aventurin is a silicate. That means a strong effect on skin, hair, teeth and bones. Also, due to its green color, the aventurin is calming. He […]

black tourmaline

Energetic action Tourmaline is a powerful stone that is often felt immediately. Sometimes people even find the stone too strong because it immediately purposefully seeks its way to the blockages present in all chakras. The strong healing stone cleanses, protects, grounds, converts negative energy and thoughts into positive and thus brings balance between body and […]

Botswana agate

Energetic action The energy of agate is soft and quiet. The stone often has to be worn a little longer before it has an effect, but is therefore very suitable for sensitive people and children. In addition to the general properties of agate Botswana agate works protective and comforting. It supports emotional pain, loneliness, stress, […]

Celestite Angel Stone

Energetic action attracts prosperity and happiness. Heals the aura. Celestite stimulates the throat chakra, 3rd eye, crown chakra and the ethereal chakras above the head. Very fine stone for the bedroom, healing practice or meditation room because he cleans the space and is a source of positive, loving energy. Physical Celestite is good for our […]

Chalice Well water Glastonbury

The Chalice Well of Red Well is located in the Chalice Well Gardens, a high vibrating paradisiacal garden, where the presence of the natural realm in all their beauty, strength and softness, is palpable and sometimes visible. Due to the presence of this ancient source, but also by the presence of devas and angels, an […]


Energetic action During the use of the stone he loses his positive energy to the environment and/or carrier. He also absorbs negative energy. This interaction ensures that the stone can have a beneficial effect. It is therefore important to clean the stone energetically on a regular basis. Bad energy (discharged) and positive energy in it […]

Curcumin turmeric

Energetic Action For magical purposes, turmeric is used to increase fertility in humans and animals. It is also sometimes worn as a magical charm for protection and for good health. Physical Turmeric is an excellent liver herb, as the signature indicates: it is used for jaundice and to stimulate gallbladder activity. It is a great […]

Damiana essential oil

Energetic action Physical Damiana is a great way to combat the symptoms of depression, insomnia, nervousness and anxiety. It mainly helps in the fight against physical complaints, but as a result it also causes fewer headaches. It relaxes the muscles and therefore softens if you suffer from headaches, fatigue and muscle pain. It also stimulates […]

Fairy Quartz

Energetic action Spirit Quartz has a delicate, soft energy that radiates with force because the vibration of each point comes on the quartz and at the same time goes out in multiple directions. This makes it a wonderful piece to use, especially in the middle of the grid or for meditation or healing work. Physical […]

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