body – mind – soul


Body – Spirit – Soul The Three Sources (ThreeWells)

Stress, trauma and emotional overload often cause physical complaints with an emotional background (psychosomatic complaints) such as:
(chronic) fatigue, burnout, migraine, headache, cold sores, high blood pressure, chest pressure, palpitations, rashes, overweight, stomach and intestinal problems, low back problems, neck problems, muscle cramps, tinnitus, trembling eyelids, dizziness, blurred vision.

Long-term emotional overload may result in complaints such as:
Depression, sleep disorder, burnout, frustration, anger, anger attacks, fears, fretting, impaired memory, anorexia, bulimia, addictions.

When body and mind are out of balance over a longer period of time, body systems become less functioning, resistance decreases and the most diverse diseases and disorders can arise.

Sleeping tablets, antidepressants, blood pressure suppressors, cholesterol suppressants, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, anti-bone decalcification drugs etc. block or disrupt body systems, strangely called “side effects”. This often makes it even more difficult to regain balance.

ThreeWells helps you break through your vicious and make yourself healthy again
Everyone wants to be healthy, sometimes you’re so deep that you need extra help to get out of the downward spiral. Working on your physical system and your emotional balance at the same time will make it easier to break old patterns and make recovery easier and faster.

Our formulations and packages work on both your emotional and physical balance.
On an emotional and spiritual level, we focus on the chakras, the aura, trauma processing, grounding, harmonization, intentions, soul connection, the inner child and protection from the outside.
We work with a wide range of frequencies and means such as essential oils, dolphin frequencies, stones, numerology, images, blossom remedies, herbs, minerals, light frequencies, figures, intentions and higher frequencies.

The beauty is that each person determines which frequencies and when they are allowed.
These are therefore dynamic and therefore also safe for highly sensitive people.

Certain formulas have a Bovis value of 888,000, illustrating a dietary supplement of a randomly reputable has a bovis value between 13000 and 28000. By adding frequencies, we reach cosmic levels of up to 1,200,000 Bovis, reaching the high sensitization.