Apple cider vinegar (organic)

Apple cider vinegar, organically produced in France from picked apples (no trapappels). By natural fermentation converted from apple juice into apple cider and then by natural fermentation for 2 years in oak barrels converted from apple cider into apple cider vinegar.
Unfiltered, unpasteurized as a result, all organic nutrients such as acetobacteria, and “The mother of vinegar” are still present. This makes this vinegar cloudy and can contain “wisps” this is proof of the best purest organic apple cider vinegar.

Always dilute, both on the skin and when used internally, about 1 teaspoon (3 ml) apple cider vinegar per glass of water.

It is forbidden by law to mention health claims in foods, we advise to Google and in search function research, university add for scientific articles

Good for:

  • the skin
  • the nails
  • the pH balance
  • fungal load

Also ideal as salad dressing

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