Blue band-aid 1 x Inner Strength doming sticker

Blue band-aid (communication and trust) with Inner Strength doming sticker protection
Stick the doming sticker on the outside of the band-aid after vaccination on the puncture wound after vaccination and leave it for as long as possible

  • strengthening energy field and
  • protection unwanted unnatural frequencies
  • protection of negative intentions,
  • strengthening Inner strength
  • promoting universal Faith.
  • EMF radiation such as 4G- 5G, WI-FI, Bluetooth, microwave, monitors
  • Earth radiation, cell towers, geopathic load
  • Negative intentions (Whats app, instagram, tinder, facebook)
  • Negativity , fear, uncertainty, jealousy, materialism, envy
  • Environmental factors manipulation, duality, power games
  • Oxidative stress

It is a challenging time when we are exposed to a huge amount of spicy frequencies, after all everything is frequency. These environmental factors burden our inner strength, our inner freedom through which we live reactively rather than live actively. This results in oxidative stress and weakens our mental, physical and spiritual balance.

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Blue band-aid with Inner Strength doming sticker for the Covac pack


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