Oxidative Stress Relieve immune support

This formula supports the immune system. both in vaccination and in acute need
The Immune System is the only one able to neutralize the covid virus.
The vaccines help the immune system
The stronger the immune system the higher the efficacy of the vaccine, and the lower the possible side effects.
In viral infection, the immune system is largely determining the degree of symptoms and recovery process.
Oxidative stress involves an unhealthy overload of stress in which too many free radicals tax our healthy cells

This formula supports your immune system – resistance

  • before and after vaccination
  • in case of acute need
  • Recovery

Support your immune system:
3 x daily 1 capsule
5 days before and 5 days after vaccination, along with Clear Recovery and Clear Booster

or for 10 days in case of acute need.
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Hydroxytyrosol is the most powerful natural antioxidant (ORAC value: 68576) 3 x higher than CoQ10, contributes to the protection of blood lipids against oxidative stress, helps protect blood lipids from free radicals.
zinc bisglycinate is good for resistance and oxidative stress.
Vitamin C acid-free buffered, for resistance, healthy cells.
IP-6 (inositol) important for the production of lecitin (important for brain, liver and heart)
Curcumin supports the immune system*, liver*, heart* and is good for blood circulation.*,
Ashwagandha helps maintain respiratory health*, contributes to emotional balance*.
AFA supports the cleansing effect of the liver*
Vitamin D3 also provides good resistance and is good for the cell division process

*provisionally authorised health claims.

added frequencies / objective:

Mirror: reflection-unification mother earth trees with cosmos
Shungite pyramids at the corners, create protective force field, pyramids are mirrored allowing earth’s deep connection. Radiation protection 4g 5g etc
Inner Strength each flat middle shungiet pyramid, inner strength protection not natural intentions, concentration connection to higher are by gold ring to come purely through aray field.
Mirrored glass bowl rejection virus tov cells, cell protection
Rainbowlemniscate dna protection vaccine cell
Gold ring three-part with sine wave middle part, hyperfrequency to virus and joining forces to the higher,
Golden healer stone, works detoxifying and has a positive effect on the immune system, helps make contact with the golden Divine energy of the source, promotes inner peace and confidence and gives a sense of well-being and peace. It helps you to accept yourself, your situation and the world
St German frequency,transformation clean up, protection


In case of daily dosage of 3 capsules Mg Ri*
Vit C buffered calcium ascorbaat 312 400%
vegetarian capsule HPMC 240
Cranberry protein powder 186
Nano curcumin 75
Ashwagandha 75
Hydroxytyrosol olive extract 75
Ip6 Inositol hexaphosphate 75
Zinc bisglycinate 75 300%
AFA algae (chlorella organic) 75
OPC antioxidants 6
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 1080 IU/27mcg 270%
*Ri = reference intake

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