Shungite stone (pendant)

Energetic action
* Shungiet helps you to activate you thirth eye
* Shungiet helps you activate your unconscious during learning and studying.
* Shungiet helps you find yourself after violent accidents and traumas

* Shungiet works detoxifying and is especially good against all types of electromagnetic smog. Put a pyramid near your computer and microwave. By putting a shungiet in space, all negative energy is absorbed. You can think of earth rays, for example. Even if you feel a little weak and rickety, the shungite can absorb the cause of this.
* Shungiet is a good anti-flu stone. You can use it preemptively. And if you already have the flu, shungiet helps you recover faster.
* Sore throat, strep throat and pneumonia can have numerous causes. Shungiet gives your immune system the best support to fight these symptoms faster and better. Shungite is antibacterial and disinfectant.
* Shungiet enhances the body’s self-healing ability on all fronts.

* Shungiet harmonizes all chakras and purifies the aura. The stone deepens and strengthens spiritual growth.
* Shungiet is grounding,but at the same time uplifting.
* Shungiet can bring you into contact with the past or the future during meditation.

* Shungiet is a comforting stone. He helps with grief and grief processing.
* Shungiet helps to release strong emotions and stressful thoughts.
* Shungiet is a good stone against stress, is calming and soothing.
* In the case of depression and gloom, shungiet makes merryagain.
* Shungiet protects against negativity.

Chakra Basic chakra

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It provides powerful protection against various sources of radiation (e.g. electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, laptops, microwave ovens and other equipment) and harmful influences. In addition, the stone cleans and detoxifies the body and purifies the space in which the stone is placed. Physically, the stone improves resistance and overall health. Shungite is anti-inflammatory and cooling. In addition, it reduces allergies, stress and tension headaches and can help with insomnia.


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