Khaki world tree

Khaki world tree

Energetic action
The World Tree has to do with the survival of the earth and life on earth. There is a very special Khaki Tree. The kaki tree in question is located in Nagasaki near the epicenter of the Plutonium bomb that fell here on August 9, 1945. The bomb that ended World War II. Much of the city was totally destroyed and thousands of people died. Miraculously, the Kaki tree survived. Because of this wondrous life force, the tree is called the World Tree. Despite the destructive effects of the Plutonium bomb, which caused hell on earth, the Khaki remained untouchable. Amid the devastation caused by air pressure differences, fire, radioactivity and toxic Plutonium, amid death, the Kaki tree refused to bow its head. Don’t break it. A Japanese artist, Tatsuo Miyjima, has set up the khaki tree project. All over the world he places cuttings of this tree as a symbol of survival and growing in an unlikely place. It is a message of peace and stands for forgiveness and survival.

The energy of this Kaki tree can be used as support during disease processes and is used in people with burns, reducing itching.

Due to its enormous survivable power, the Khaki tree could provide a healing and transformative energy for all life on Earth in this age of energetic change.

Helps people with war trauma, both for the first and second generation. Terms such as ‘survival’, ‘always feeling unsafe’ are part of this.

Color Khaki
Location Asia